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Re: Enlightenment and X

* Sven Burgener in "Re: Enlightenment and X" dated 2000/07/18 21:13
* wrote:

> Hello
> Yet more Qs:
> 1) How to get the middle mouse working in enlightenment? I had it
> working under KDE before. (Logitech PS/2 mouse)

Are you starting X differently? xdm vs. startx maybe? But it should be
defined in your /etc/X11/XF86Config, meaning it should work whether
you're using KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment, fvwm, or any other WM.

> 2) How do I choose backgrounds from those -theme-whatever packages? They
> are installed, yet I can't find a way to choose them. It seems I cannot
> do that in "Desktop Background Settings".

When I click my middle mouse button and go to the Desktop menu there is
an option called backgrounds. This menu is built when E starts based on
the files under ~/.enlightenment/backgrounds, so you can place any
personal images there and restart E to have it load them.

Ashley Clark

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