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Re: copy to NT via smbfs problems

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000 zdrysdal@diagnostic.co.nz wrote:

> Hiya
> i am trying to copy lots of image files from my Debian box to a shared ntfs
> drive on my NT box.  look at what happens :
> lelouvre /home/cdcut/CDWed# cp -af 00 /win2k/images
> cp: /win2k/images/00/16/52/59/1652592a.tif: Operation not permitted
> cp: /win2k/images/00/16/52/59/1652593a.tif: Operation not permitted
> cp: /win2k/images/00/16/52/59/1652591a.tif: Operation not permitted
> cp: /win2k/images/00/16/52/59/1652594a.tif: Operation not permitted
> As you can see... i get this error message "Operation not permitted" which
> i don't understand... the files do seem to
> be successfuly copying regardless of the error message.
> permissions on /win2k/images is :  drwxr-xr-x   1 root     root
> 512 Jul 18  2000 /win2k/images

The message "Operation not permitted" is to inform you that the
permissions you have had on your source files could not be duplicated for
your destination files. This often happens for filesystems that does not
support user permissions (like FATxx). However, NTFS DOES SUPPORT
PERMISSIONS. Are using NTFS on your destination partition (see below)?

> Total files to copy is about 350M but when it gets to about 150-190M it
> suddenly stops copying files..."df -h" hangs too as it will
> not bring up the ntfs share /win2k.  It is as if the mounted drive has
> fallen off.  There is nothing in the event log of the NT box either.
> Anyone know what is going on?
> thanx
> Zane

Possible reasons for this are:

1. Your partition has run of space (you shoud see "No space left on
device" error message). In this case df my need some time to calculate the
used space on the device.

2. The NTFS module in kernels <= 2.2.16 and probably newer is somewhat
still EXPERIMENTAL and thereso supports ONLY READ OPERATIONS from a NTFS
partition. In addition it does not handle permissions for now. If you are
really using a NTFS partition you would have a hard problem to solve. You
might consider creating 100-200MB VFAT partition just for transfer
purposes, or try keeping what you want available to the both OSes on in
NTFS partition and accessing from Linux.

Hope this might help you,
Pavel M. Penev

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