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Re: does 'apt-get remove' nuke packages recursively?

>>>>> "chris" == Krzys Majewski <majewski@cs.ubc.ca> writes:

chris> Suppose package C depends on package B depends on package A.
chris> Now, it just so happens that no other packages depend on B, but
chris> package D also depends on A.  If I do a apt-get remove C is it
chris> supposed to do the right thing and remove B as well (but not
chris> remove A)?

I don't think so.  How should it know what the "right thing" is?
You're probably thinking of B as some library package, but it can be a
full blown application package in its own right, one that you want to

OTOH I believe that "apt-get remove B" will do what you want _in this
case_.  Of course, that requires you to first check the back
dependencies of A, then the forward dependencies of B manually.

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
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