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Re: does 'apt-get remove' nuke packages recursively?

On Sat, Jul 15, 2000 at 10:00:16AM -0700, Krzys Majewski wrote:
> Suppose  package C depends on package B depends on package A.
> Now, it just so happens that no other packages depend on B, 
> but package D also depends on A. 
> If I do a
> 	apt-get remove C
> is it supposed to do the right thing and remove B as well (but not
> remove A)?  -chris

i'm not sure why you say removing B would be the right thing to do. Say
you have uptimed and uprecords-cgi installed, and you want to remove
uprecords-cgi. By your logic, it would be "right" for uptimed to be
removed since nothing else depends on it, even though uptimed is
perfectly usable without uprecords-cgi.

Also, keep in mind that a package may be depended on by
locally-installed (or even locally-written) software. dpkg/apt would
have no idea of this dependancy, but things would break if those
packages were removed.

apt-get remove will remove C in your example, and any packages that
depend on C (and packages depending on those, etc). It won't touch A, B,
or D unless they depend on C in some way.

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