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Re: unable to unmount


I have just one more question. This problem wouldnt happen if I just
mount the cdrom on the server, use it locally and after sometime
I can unmount it. Then also nfsd should be accessing it as /cdrom
is there in my exports list and preventing me from umounting? 

I am confused... Could you clarify,


On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 01:55:49PM +0200, Michalowski Thierry wrote:
> Your problem is that you exported the CDROM with nfsd, and thus nfsd is
> still accessing it, even if nobody accesses your machine through nfs.
> Just comment the line which exports your CDROM in /etc/exports, then issue
> "exportfs -ua", then "exportfs -a" .
> This should unexport your CDROM, and allow you to unmount it, locally.
> Thierry

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