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Re: user space nfsd?

Krzys Majewski <majewski@cs.ubc.ca> wrote:

> Can someone enlighten me? The remote machines to which I have access are
> all Solaris, not Debian. What is "userspace nfs" and how do I set it up?
> Or, where can I get the source for Solaris nfsd and will it work if I'm not
> root? Presumably I will need to use some arbitrary non-privileged port;
> will Linux mount(8) understand this? -chris

Solaris comes with nfs (heh, nfs was sun's invention afterall).

Check tha manual pages for 'nfsd' and 'sharetab'.

And yes, you must be root to make any settings etc..
It's actually very probable that you have nfsd running, but with
blank settings...

And as I said, we have no problems here mounting those files from linux
(Don't worry about user vs kernelspace, that's for linux only)



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