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Re: user space nfsd?

Can someone enlighten me? The remote machines to which I have access are
all Solaris, not Debian. What is "userspace nfs" and how do I set it up?
Or, where can I get the source for Solaris nfsd and will it work if I'm not
root? Presumably I will need to use some arbitrary non-privileged port;
will Linux mount(8) understand this? -chris

> HUH?????!!!
> knfsd has problems afaik but I find this very difficult to believe.
> Userspace nfs has never crashed here since the past year on a mixture
> of machines, Debian-Sparc, Solaris 7, Solaris 2.5, 
> Debian x86, RH5.2, RH6, RH61..
> What kind of processing/loads/transfers do you have going ?
> Just an adverse pov ;)
> --
> Ragga Muffin

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