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Re: user space nfsd?

"nate@firetrail.com" <nate@firetrail.com> wrote

> a word of warning,
> current NFS in linux is really bad. dont know if its the kernel or the
> tools or both(probably both) but i have experienced severe problems with
> it.  the last time i tried it i tried to get a debian 2.2 machine with a
> self-built 2.2.15 kernel to mount a nfs drive from a redhat and also
> another mandrake machine.  both the redhat and mandrake machines locked up
> HARD.  but both those machines could mount each other's volumes with no
> trouble at all.


knfsd has problems afaik but I find this very difficult to believe.
Userspace nfs has never crashed here since the past year on a mixture
of machines, Debian-Sparc, Solaris 7, Solaris 2.5, 
Debian x86, RH5.2, RH6, RH61..

What kind of processing/loads/transfers do you have going ?

Just an adverse pov ;)

Ragga Muffin

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