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potato & netscape - doesnt install?

I have many potato machines, all of which are slink machines that were
apt-get'd upgraded to potato, all work fine.  i finally found and
downloaded and burned a copy of potato test cycle 2 from
ftp.debian.org(all 3 cds) and installed it today.

must say im impressed with the new installer full dhcp support and
everything, kicks ass.

BUT i cant get netscape to install.  in the past i downloaded the netscape
tar.gz file to /tmp and did an apt-get install netscape4 which then
scanned /tmp and tried to find a valid archive to install from, this
doesn't happen for some reason, it doesnt even seem to try(doesnt give any
errors) i have tried about 6 different netscape packages and none provide
a working copuy of netscape. so i had to do it the old fashioned way via
the ns-install script inside the netscape archive.  is there a way around
this or is this a known bug ? i did download the latest netscape packages
from the ftp site with the same results. i have 4 other machines in the
same room(all identical hardware) using the netscape4 package just
fine(but again they were all dist upgraded from slink BUT i did not
install netscape until potato was completly installed)

im really at a loss as to why it doesnt want to install.

any ideas?



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