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Re: dhcpcd segfault

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 09:08:47PM -0500, Phil Brutsche wrote:

> > Now, I have to boot into single user mode, because otherwise the boot
> > process stops after segfaulting dhcpcd, doing a little more, and then
> > hangs on trying to bring up sendmail. The segfault looks like:
> Sendmail 'hangs' because it's trying to access the network (which it
> can't) to do a lookup on it's IP #.  If you wait a minute or so everything
> should continue booting.

    I waited 20 minutes and finally gave up on it. I don't know what its
timeout is set to, but it's high. 

> > Unable to handle kernel NULL point dereference at virtual address 00000000
> > +current->tss.cr3 = 03d63000, %cr3 = 03d63000
> That's not a segmentation fault - that's a kernel oops (the Linux
> equivalent to a Windows Blue Screen of Death).
> What's the output of the command 'uname -a'?

    I'll tell you when I get home, but it's kernel 2.2.12. It's off of the VA
Linux Systems CD that comes with the Learning Debian book by O'Reilly. I was
considering unpacking the 2.2.12 source (or maybe 2.2.17, since that's in
potato) and rebuilding. 


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