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Re: Cheers for Debian

And along this line, with the great regret, I send the Debian community my
goodbye. This is a great bunxh of folks and I am going to miss you all
more than you will ever know. This goes for those of you that I have met
as well of those of you that are simply an email address or irc nick to
me.  My current workload will no longer allow me the luxary of following
the debian lists and they simply accumulate neglected in a mailbox that is
rarely read.

I started with Debian in 1996 and until very recently, had a system
running Debian continiously, upgraded in place, since before 1.0 was
released. I have learned so much here ... Debian was a great mechanism for
me when I was changing carreers from hardware design engineering to
IT. The people in the community here were always there to lend me a hand
when I was learning and I tried to return the favor by helping others when
I could. Many of the longer-term Debian users may wonder whatever happened
to me, I suppose I have not posted to these lists in several months ... it
is because I have a baby at home now 2 and needing my attention and a
workload that will not allow me time to do more than that in what time I

Some of you have much more than that, I know, and still manage to keep up
(hi, gecko) but I want to give my best time to my daughter and to my
work. If any of you guys ever get to the Silicon Valley area and want to
go out for a beer, drop me a line, it would be an honor to visit a while
with you.

So, my friends, so long ... I will be back later. In the meantime, please
keep up the tradition I found here in this community of helping your
fellow Debian users when they need it and giving back the help when you
can. This world really is a little better place because of you guys.

G'nite folks ... and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Curtis M. Brune wrote:

> I just wanted to drop you folks a line and say "Thank You" for making a 
> great linux distribution.  I and my company have been using Debian since
> late 1998 and it's great.  I recently upgraded my system to Potato and it
> went without any problems.  Very well done.  Keep up the great work.
> Cheers,
> Curt
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