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RE: Samba Headache

hi Jay

First of all, I'd recommend subscribing to samba@samba.org. It's a general
mailing list for SAMBA-related issues, and the people on it r very helpful
(generally :) ).

Ok, when you ran sambaconfig, did you specify the INETD option or to 'run as
daemon' option. In your case, if you're running the samba server on a home
network I'd go for the INETD option. Basically INETD will listen for SMB
session requests on port 139 and start up a smbd for the relevant
authenticated user. Setting up the INETD option can involve a little bit
more tinkering that the daemon option though, so I guess the second option
has convenience on its side.

Your problem at the moment sounds like the samba box isn't running SMB
services (ie. Samba as a daemon or through INETD). What happens when you
click on the linux box in Network Neighborhood?

ALso, do you have the 'homes' share configured? What security mode are you
using (SECURITY=USER?), and have you added users to the smbpasswd file (in


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From: Jay Kelly [mailto:neutec@debiandomain.com]
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Subject: Samba Headache

Hello All,
Well Im still working on getting samba to work with Windows 98. I have
configured the smb.conf to share my home directory on the linux box.
Then I open Network Neighorhood in windows and can see the linux box.
I then try to Map a drive on the linux box and get a error. Windows
pops up a dialog box saying:" \\Neutec is not accessible
The computer or sharname could not be found. Make sure you typed it
correctly, and try again" Now when I change the Window Primary Network
Logon from Windows Logon to anything else I can no longer see the Linux box.
This cant be that hard, what am I doing wrong ? I tried to install
Swat but I couldnt get it to work as well, I was received a error
connection refused.
Thanks for you help guys

settings to log

It feels so good, It's a marginal risk, when I clear off windows with fdisk

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