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Re: Samba Headache

include your smb.conf with a report like this and include settings from
file/print sharing on the win98 box.


On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Jay Kelly wrote:

neutec >Hello All,
neutec >Well Im still working on getting samba to work with Windows 98. I have
neutec >configured the smb.conf to share my home directory on the linux box.
neutec >Then I open Network Neighorhood in windows and can see the linux box.
neutec >I then try to Map a drive on the linux box and get a error. Windows 
neutec >pops up a dialog box saying:" \\Neutec is not accessible
neutec >The computer or sharname could not be found. Make sure you typed it
neutec >correctly, and try again" Now when I change the Window Primary Network
neutec >Logon from Windows Logon to anything else I can no longer see the Linux box.
neutec >This cant be that hard, what am I doing wrong ? I tried to install
neutec >Swat but I couldnt get it to work as well, I was received a error
neutec >connection refused.
neutec >Thanks for you help guys
neutec >
neutec >settings to log 
neutec >-- 
neutec >
neutec >It feels so good, It's a marginal risk, when I clear off windows with fdisk                  
neutec >
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