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Re: Ethercard Plus Elite 16: (WD/8013EP)

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Andrei Ivanov wrote:

> One problem I had with that card is as follows:
> Ethernet-HOWTO suggests and you turn off the PnP mode, and set it to a
> specific IRQ/base. Until I did that, it would not work absolutely, and in
> syslog I would get a message about Tx/Rx timing out, possible IRQ loss. 
> I swapped card out of computer, put it into a windows machine, ran the
> utility from SMC to set the card, put it back into Linux box, compile
> support into kernel, and it worked perfect.
> Andrei

My machine has still got windows, too. 

Where can I get that 'utility from SMC'?


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