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> From: Patrick Dahiroc [mailto:patd@dahiroc.net]
> i'm switching window managers from enlightenment to scwm (it's about
> time i learn lisp).  i'm using gdm as my display manager, which -
> correct me if i'm wrong - simply runs gdmchooser, gdmlogin, and
> gnome-session or Xsession depending on which session i choose.
> (gnome-session is called by the script /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome)

You might want to take a look at Sawfish. I use the Sawfish that came with
Helix Gnome. Unlike scwm, Sawfish does work with Gnome. Also, Sawfish is
customized and extensible in Lisp. I think it complements Gnome quite well
(Sawfish is _just_ a window manager, unlike some out there (I've never used
scwm, so I can't comment on it much)).


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