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Re: UUENCODED attachmets

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 08:57:36AM +0200, Darlock wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Felipe Alvarez Harnecker wrote:
>       Hi,
>       some email programs sends email in an uuencoded fashion, something like 
>       this:
>        begin 600 noticiam1.htm
>        M/&AT;6P^#0H-"CQH96%D/@T*/&UE=&$@;F%M93TB1T5.15)!5$]2(B!C;VYT
>        M96YT/2)-:6-R;W-O9G0@1G)O;G1086=E(#,N,"(^#0H\=&ET;&4^/"]T:71L


>       2. Is there a tool or library to convert this type of attachment to
>       MIME compliant ?
> The best way you can follow is to uuencode the attachment and then to
> include it into an e-mail using any e-mail reader, cos' actually all the
> readers supports MIME.
> To uuencode the attachment save the mail into a file and execute:
> $ uuencode <mail_file>

...and the method for extracting the content is to run "uudecode", if
that's not intuitively evident.

uudecode will detect the uuencoded segment within a saved file and
extract it.  You may want to do this in a temporary directory to deal
with any potential messes.

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