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Re: UUENCODED attachmets


I use mpack here. Works great on extracting these attachments. Here's
a bit of his README:
                    mpack/munpack version 1.5 for unix

Mpack and munpack are utilities for encoding and decoding
(respectively) binary files in MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail
Extensions) format mail messages.  For compatibility with older forms
of transferring binary files, the munpack program can also decode
messages in split-uuencoded format.  The Macintosh version can also
decode messages in split-BinHex format.

Versions are included for unix, pc, os2, mac, amiga and archimedes
systems.  The canonical FTP site for this software is

This MIME implementation is intended to be as simple and portable as
possible.  For a slightly more sophisticated MIME implementation, see
the program MetaMail, available via anonymous FTP to
thumper.bellcore.com, in directory pub/nsb

Hope this is helpful.  Tatah

On Tue, 04 Jul 2000, Darlock wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Felipe Alvarez Harnecker wrote:
>       Hi,
>       some email programs sends email in an uuencoded fashion, something like 
>       this:
>        begin 600 noticiam1.htm
>        M/&AT;6P^#0H-"CQH96%D/@T*/&UE=&$@;F%M93TB1T5.15)!5$]2(B!C;VYT
>        M96YT/2)-:6-R;W-O9G0@1G)O;G1086=E(#,N,"(^#0H\=&ET;&4^/"]T:71L
>       .
>       .
>        M/2)I;6%G97,O=F]L=F5R+F=I9B(@8F]R9&5R/2(P(B!724142#TB-C(B($A%
>        M24=(5#TB,3`B/CPO83X\+V9O;G0^/"]P/@T*/"]B;V1Y/@T*/"]H=&UL/@T*
>        `
>        end
>       ----------------------------------------------------------
>       1. Is that a standar way of including attachments?
> No, before existing the MIME standard, the way to include attachments was
> to transform the 8bit data format to a 7bit US-ASCII text using the
> UUENCODE/UUDECODE tools. The usual way to include attachments is using the
> MIME standard.
>       2. Is there a tool or library to convert this type of attachment to
>       MIME compliant ?
> The best way you can follow is to uuencode the attachment and then to
> include it into an e-mail using any e-mail reader, cos' actually all the
> readers supports MIME.
> To uuencode the attachment save the mail into a file and execute:
> $ uuencode <mail_file>
> That creates a file called in your example noticiam1.htm, then you only
> have to include it into any mail.
>       Thanks.
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