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Re: PPP help (bit 7 set to 0)

On Mon, 03 Jul 2000, gochenourj@cfw.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I did use pppconfig to configure the scripts.
> I've used PAP and chat. I can get chat through the login process (ogin: and
> ssword:)
> but then it establishes a connection and sends LCP ConfReq and does not get
> a reply and then I get LCP: timeout.
> I will type the scripts into this message (I have no lan or ppp connection
> from
> the debian box.)

If you're still having problems.  Play with the chatscript a bit more.
It may well be that if your provider uses PAP, chat doesn't need to
manage the Login and Password strings.  For example my chatscript
ends after the:


line.  At this point it hands the negotiation over to pppd and the
authentication is done in the binary stream, not text.

Now, if your provider tells you to use a text login and password and
then issue another text command to start PPP, you have a bit more
work to do.  What I usually do is place another expect line after
the password that chat will use to try to match some string.  This
way you'll be able to see the entire text prompt sent by the host
your dialing into.  Another big help is to uncomment the relevant
lines in /etc/syslog.conf that cause syslog to output on an unused
virtual terminal (default is 8) so that way you can switch to vt #8
using Alt-F8 and watch your dial-in process.


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