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Re: Compaq ProLiant ML350

On Mon, Jul 03, 2000 at 09:03:43PM +0100, Lee Elliott wrote:
> There is an option for Compaq Smart Array support when compiling
> kernels, so you may need to compile a kernel with this support.  There
> seems to be a catch-22 situation here though - you compile a kernel with
> Smart Array support, but it's got to sit on a drive that needs Smart
> Array support to be accessed.  Presumably though, if the ntloader, which
> I doubt has special Smart Array support, can be found off the array,
> there's no reason why a linux loader couldn't be used instead.

Dunno if this applies to Compaq Smart Raid, but IBM ServeRAID didn't
work with LILO at all.  It worked fine with GRUB, which after cursing
the docs I found easier to use.


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