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Re: Compaq ProLiant ML350

Hello A.

I sent this reply to your posting when you first posted it, but forgot
to change the reply to to the list (keep doing that on this list), so
I'll post it again in case it might help.

I've set up a few Compaq Smart Array controllers and the most recent was
a 431 on an ML350 - but only for NT.  The thing is though, that you need
to configure the controller before you install the OS because the
controller presents the OS with logical drives.  IIRC you can configure
the controller/drives at boot up via a rom option.

There is an option for Compaq Smart Array support when compiling
kernels, so you may need to compile a kernel with this support.  There
seems to be a catch-22 situation here though - you compile a kernel with
Smart Array support, but it's got to sit on a drive that needs Smart
Array support to be accessed.  Presumably though, if the ntloader, which
I doubt has special Smart Array support, can be found off the array,
there's no reason why a linux loader couldn't be used instead.

There's probably a HOWTO for this somewhere, and I think there'll
probably be a section in the general Installation HOWTO about installing
to SCSI disks - the way round the catch-22 situation - needing
controller support to read drives to get the controller support - will
probably be explained there.

I would consider installing the Compaq system partition and utilities -
it's independent of the OS.



"A. Scott White" wrote:
> I have a new Compaq ProLiant ML350 server. It has a Compaq Smart Array 431
> Raid Controller. It also has a NC3123 Fast Ethernet NIC PCI 10/100 Wake on
> LAN card.
> Is there any hope for installing this? The default 2.1 install disks hang
> while trying to reset the SCSI. The TECRA boot disks detect no drive at all.
> I have installed Debian several times, but always on fairly standard
> hardware. I think I will be able to follow instructions to this if it is
> possible.
> Thanks.
> ====================================================
> A. Scott White
> Director of Information Systems and Product Strategy
> ACS Healthcare Solutions Group
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