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RE: Compaq ProLiant ML350

   NOTE: I sent this about 30 minutes ago, and didn't see it.
   Then I realized that, once again I had sent it only to the
   original author and not to the group. Is there some benefit
   to the listserv operating this way (replies go to the original
   author rather than the list). I, personally, find it annoying,
   but maybe there's some good reason that I simply cannot see.
   If there isn't, I wonder what it would take to make the list
   operate like most other lists.

   Sorry for the rant. Anyway...

> Try the potato (Debian 2.2) boot disks instead.  potato is "frozen"
> right now but it's quite stable and has lots of things you'll want
> (or even need) on your server anyway.
> I know Compaq Smart Array support is available in the latest 2.2.x
> kernels.

I have tried this now. The 2.2 install disks tell me there is no hard drive
on the machine. I looked at the LILO help screen <F6> but the Compaq Smart
Array support options are not listed. Is Compaq Smart Array support included
in the default kernel for the 2.2 disks?

I suppose I will have to compile a 2.2.15 kernel with Compaq Smart Array
support on another of my Debian machines and create install floppies out of

A few questions:

1. What other options are necessary for an install floppy kernel?
2. Can I just compile the kernel and put it on the new install
   disks, or do I need to create an entirely new set of floppies?
3. If I need to create an entirely new set of floppies, how do I
   do so?

Someone earlier mentioned the "boot-floppies" package. What is this? Will
this help me?


A. Scott White
Director of Information Systems and Product Strategy
ACS Healthcare Solutions Group

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