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Re: Compaq ProLiant ML350

On Mon, Jul 03, 2000 at 10:27:00AM -0500, A. Scott White wrote:
> I have a new Compaq ProLiant ML350 server. It has a Compaq Smart Array 431
> Raid Controller. It also has a NC3123 Fast Ethernet NIC PCI 10/100 Wake on
> LAN card.
> Is there any hope for installing Debian on this? The default 2.1 install
> disks hang while trying to reset the SCSI. The TECRA boot disks detect no
> drive at all.

Try the potato (Debian 2.2) boot disks instead.  potato is "frozen"
right now but it's quite stable and has lots of things you'll want (or
even need) on your server anyway.

I know Compaq Smart Array support is available in the latest 2.2.x
> Specifically, I have heard people say things like: You need to compile
> support for Compaq Smart Array controllers into your kernel. I am always
> perplexed by this. How do I compile a kernel if I don't have Debian
> installed yet? Do I compile the kernel on another Debian machine? If I do
> so, how do I get that kernel onto the install disks and ready to install?

Well, you have to have access to a linux box to compile a kernel, or
get someone to do it for you.  There are certain kernel options you
must include for the rescue disk kernel; the applicable README is in
the same dir as the images on the FTP site.

Once you have a "vmlinuz" and have applied the appropriate rdev
commands, you simply mount the rescue floppy (it's an msdos
filesystem) and copy "vmlinuz" to the file named "linux" on the
floppy.  This is all described in the README.

If you need someone to compile a kernel for you send me an email.


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