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Re: creating custom cds

First, please turn off the html setting on your email program as many
people on this list use text based email programs.  Second, you can find
many answers to your questions by using the list archives which you can
search at --


that is where I found the link that should answer your questions --



> Joseph de los Santos wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am so happy..we got a yamaha cd writer today (but I had to install
> it to a windows machine :( owner's orders ehehe but they said I can
> use it..hehehe..) anyway, I've been thinking...yes, I can think too
> sometimes,  and I wanted to know if I can create my very own 100% made
> by me custom debian cds and use them, give them away to my friends,
> etc.. because what I am using right now is cds I bought from someone
> else and I have been flirting with the idea of me having my own
> illusions of grandeur of having my own custom install cds hahaha..no
> seriously,  I know this can be done but can someone please point me in
> the right documentation? it would be better if I get a step by step
> guide but thats asking to much..is it?
> Any info would be highly appreciated...the more the info the better.
> :)

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