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creating custom cds

  I am so happy..we got a yamaha cd writer today (but I had to install it to a windows machine :( owner's orders ehehe but they said I can use it..hehehe..) anyway, I've been thinking...yes, I can think too sometimes,  and I wanted to know if I can create my very own 100% made by me custom debian cds and use them, give them away to my friends, etc.. because what I am using right now is cds I bought from someone else and I have been flirting with the idea of me having my own illusions of grandeur of having my own custom install cds hahaha..no seriously,  I know this can be done but can someone please point me in the right documentation? it would be better if I get a step by step guide but thats asking to much..is it?
Any info would be highly appreciated...the more the info the better. :)

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