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Re: VMWare, Samba, and Slink

Instead of asking the Debian mailing list for help with VMware's Samba,
you should probably try using Debian's Samba -- which works just fine.  :)

Is VMWare 2.0 significantly faster than 1.x?  I used it for a while and
gave up.

Good luck,


On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 04:24:17PM -0600, Robert Kerr wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have VMWare 2.0 installed on a slink machine, and I'm trying to set up
> samba to let my Win98 installation talk to the rest of the box.  Anyway,
> it's set up host-only networking, and telnet, ftp, netscape all work
> fine.  But, samba doesn't work.  I looked in the /var/log/ logs and found
> this line:
> VMWare[init]: /usr/bin/vmware-smbd: error in loading shared libraries
> VMWare[init]: : undefined symbol: setresuid
> and sure enough, there's no symbol setresuid in and of the libs in
> /usr/lib or /lib
> Under RedHat 6.0, setresuid is defined in libc.a, but it's not on Debian
> 2.1.  Has anyone gotten vmware's samba running under slink?  Or does
> anyone know how I can get around this problem?
> Thanks

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