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Re: Samba and VMWare

> I'm assuming you're using a bridged network configuration under VMware. I
> suspect your interfaces line in smb.conf is the culprit.
> > ; Allow several Samba servers on the same machine
> >   interfaces = eth*
> >   bind interfaces only = yes
> That interfaces line doesn't look right. Is it really like that, or just the
> message got mangled?

I added that to test various configurations.  VMWare's web site
suggested this if you are trying to run both Samba versions (normal and
theirs).  It doesn't work with or without these lines.

> The biggest problem I've seen is VMware users using a configuration that
> tells samba to only use vmnet1 ("host-only" interface) and not eth0 when

I uninstalled and reinstalled VMWare and told it I didn't not want to do
"host-only" networking just to be sure.

> I'd work on getting Samba to work with the external "real" machines first.
> Then getting a VMware guest to see it is pretty straightforward.

That is what I have tried, but Samba still seems to be blocked.  Using
tkSMB, I can see myself and my virtual machine (when it is running), but
none of the other machines in my workgroup.

If I try to use smbclient to access other machines, it just tells me
connection failed.  If I try to access machines that I have manually
added to lmhosts, it tells me 'connection refused'.  All this indicates
to me that VMWare somehow blocked all outgoing SMB traffic from Samba,
but not the virtual machine.

Any ideas on how to track this down?


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