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Re: Samba and VMWare

"Kelly Corbin" <kcorbin@theiqgroup.com> wrote:

> I am using VMWare (which rocks!)

Agreed! VMware is stunning!

> In my win98 virtual machine, I can see my linux box and the rest of my
> workgroup and all shares work fine, including the shares setup on my
> linux samba server.  Other windoze machines in the workgroup can see my
> win98 virtual machine, but not my linux samba server.

I'm assuming you're using a bridged network configuration under VMware. I
suspect your interfaces line in smb.conf is the culprit.

> ; Allow several Samba servers on the same machine
>   interfaces = eth*
>   bind interfaces only = yes

That interfaces line doesn't look right. Is it really like that, or just the
message got mangled?

The biggest problem I've seen is VMware users using a configuration that
tells samba to only use vmnet1 ("host-only" interface) and not eth0 when
running a bridged configuration in the host OS.

Here's how I had success getting a Win98 guest working:

1. Verify that a real Win9x system works when plugged into the same physical
network as eth0 (or whatever you use for your bridged interface)
2. Set up your guest OS using EXACTLY the same settings (except of course
the actual IP address).

In my case, I already had DHCP and Samba/WINS running with external Win98
clients, so my guest OS popped right up when I told it to use DHCP for
everything. I completely disregard the VMware Samba installation and just
use the "real" stuff.

I'd work on getting Samba to work with the external "real" machines first.
Then getting a VMware guest to see it is pretty straightforward.

Hope this helps!

- Bob

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