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Re: My quite ordinary comment on methods of installing

At 01.56 9/6/00 +0200, servicom ha escrit:
>> A typical newbie won't start with Debian
>An important factor is the question of which package management system is
>the best. In my experience, Debian's is the best when used with dselect/apt,
>etc. All the deps are sorted out and I think this could be considered a real
>boon for a newbie.

	Here goes a newbie's opinion:

	Oh, at the time I haven't tried apt, but I love dpkg and dpkg-deb.
Although newbie, I love ARJ and other DOS compressors, so I could
understand its way of working quite fastly :)
	The problem I find in dselect (from Hamm) is that is pretty slow when
changing stuff installed. "this program yes, this program no, this program
no..." Apart, there is such an amount of info there that dizzies me. I
prefer to read the "Packages" file and install material with the info it

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