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Re: Runlevels 2-5 ???, xdm-gdm conflicts.

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Mark wrote:
> 1. Runlevels. ?
>     Everywhere I read about runlevels in Debian it says the same...
>         runlevels 2 through 5 are various multiuser runlevels.
>     But... which are which ?.

All runlevels are created equal by Debian, until you start fiddling with
them.  Changes you make will be retained across upgrades.

> 2. Default runlevel ?
>     I latley installed Debian and I dont now why it starts in X (with xdm
> asking for a login), I did not ask to do this.
>     I go to the /etc/inittab file and the default runlevel is 2. Is it here
> where my debian is deciding to start in X, or is it elsewhere?.

The default runlevel is 2 (i.e., check out /etc/rc2.d/), unless you
change it in /etc/inittab.

> 3. xdm-gdm conflicts.
>     xdm is not starting a window manager or shell after login, it just kicks
> me out again!, not wanting to bother with xdm I would like to install gdm
> instead, but...
>     When I try to install gdm it says it cant because it has conflicts with
> xdm. And I can't remove xdm because of some dependency problems!.
>     Hoy can I overcome this?

"dpkg --force-depends --remove xdm"
See the dpkg man page and/or do a "dpkg --force-help".

later (unless Debian abolishes non-free),


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