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Re: Debian Potato and Helix Gnome

I followed the instructions at for my potato installation and it worked great:


>>> "J. Glyn Hughes" <glyn.hughes@indigo4.com> 06/08/00 10:49AM >>>
New to Debian, I am a happy convert from RH, MDK, SuSE et al.

Having had quite a scoot around, I am having trouble getting hold of Helix
Gnome for Potato - they only seem to have a binary release for Woody.

I have seen references by those clearly more talented than I to installing
(perhaps shoe-horning) Helix onto Debian Potato, I know it's possible.

Quite happy to investigate / play myself, perhaps someone could point me in
the right direction - for what where should I look if I want (the very
wonderful, apparently) Helix Gnome on my Debian 'Potato'.



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