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Re: Runlevels 2-5 ???, xdm-gdm conflicts.

On 08/06/00 at 14:02 Mark spake the following magic words:
++>Hello All.
++>Sorry to overload this message but I have a few doubts with my (shiny)
++>installed Debian (potato).
++>1. Runlevels. ?
++>    Everywhere I read about runlevels in Debian it says the same...
++>        runlevels 2 through 5 are various multiuser runlevels.
++>    But... which are which ?.
++>2. Default runlevel ?
++>    I latley installed Debian and I dont now why it starts in X (with
++>asking for a login), I did not ask to do this.
++>    I go to the /etc/inittab file and the default runlevel is 2. Is it
++>where my debian is deciding to start in X, or is it elsewhere?.

The default run-level in debian is 2. When the system enters a run level it
executes the scripts in /etc/rc.n where n is the runlevel in question.
These scripts are symlinks to scripts in /etc/init.d. A script starting
with "S" starts a service. One starting with "K" stops a service. The
number after the "S" or "K" specifies the order in which the scripts are
run. So... S25xdm will start before S35xdm.

You should have a script called S99xdm (where 99 could be any number) in
/etc/rc.2 - simply remove this symlink, and X will stop running at boot.

(wow - thats my first proper answer where I almost sound like I know what
I'm on about - which I don't!)
Mark  Herrick - Liverpool - England
mark at blacksky dot co dot uk
Pick two: Good, Fast, Cheap

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