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Re: Gnome-Language...

Hello everybody, 

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Preben Randhol wrote:

> Oliver Schoenknecht <oschoenknecht@kapa.de> wrote on 08/06/2000 (12:12) :
> >
> > due to some misconfiguration mine my whole GNOME now 
> > appears in complete English language - the menus as well as each 
> > dialogue box and so on... Until yesterday it ran in German so could 
> > it be that I have deleted an important file or something similar ?
> > 
> > Does anyone of you have a hint on this ? I mean there must be a 
> > global configuration file GNOME uses...
> Not GNOME, but the whole system.
> You need to set the environments LANG, LC_ALL, LINGUAS. You can add it
> to you .bashrc file (assuming that you use bash)
> I'm not sure if this is correct for German, but I would guess:
> export LANG=de
> export LC_ALL=de_DE
> export LINGUAS=de

Should be LANG=de_DE in the first case, I think. 
But the reason, why I contribute to this threat is another one. I
encountered a similar problem, when I installed gdm (or xdm or wdm). The
point is, that obviously, your .bashrc doesn't get read, if you use some
display manager, so the language doesn't get set correctly. You can choose
language in the gdm start-menu, but this didn't work, I got my session in
english. I suppose one could set a system wide default for the language,
but I don't want to do this, as I prefer to use the C lang-setting for
So does anybody know a way to deal with this (get german language settings
even when using a display manager)?

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