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Re: Gnome-Language...

Oliver Schoenknecht <oschoenknecht@kapa.de> wrote on 08/06/2000 (12:12) :
> Hey there,
> due to some misconfiguration mine my whole GNOME now 
> appears in complete English language - the menus as well as each 
> dialogue box and so on... Until yesterday it ran in German so could 
> it be that I have deleted an important file or something similar ?
> Does anyone of you have a hint on this ? I mean there must be a 
> global configuration file GNOME uses...

Not GNOME, but the whole system.
You need to set the environments LANG, LC_ALL, LINGUAS. You can add it
to you .bashrc file (assuming that you use bash)

I'm not sure if this is correct for German, but I would guess:

export LANG=de
export LC_ALL=de_DE
export LINGUAS=de

(for Norwegian it is LC_ALL=no_NO, but for Danish it is LC_ALL=da_DK, so
the LC_ALL might not be de_DE for German)

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