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I'd like to help... and so might others.
However we need more precise info from you.

magul@superonline.com wrote:
> http://www.3com.co.uk/products/modems/prod-faxmod-ext.html <-- this is
> my modem.

Good for the link...

> i used kppp kwdial minicom . i used all linux versions, i
> compiled kernels. and last betas, i configured DNS ,ifconfig.

Wow!  A lot of steps to wring out a few more bps.  Impressive!

> there are
> no errors in the packets, there are no conflicts on IRQ s.

If there were, you probably couldn't even be using it.

> my problem is
> that my modem is showing a poor performance in linux(it is good in
> windows)

What, please, do you mean by poor performance?  What connect rates
and data throughput rates are you getting?

>i have this problem for 6 months.

So you've had a lot of time to complete all those new installs and
kernel recompiles.  It's getting clearer now...

>i made all the things required.

Well, don't assume this yet... I wonder what init string is going
to the modem?  Does the modem connect in x2 or in v.90?  There
may be an AT command that gives last connect info, if you'll use
minicom to talk direct to the serial port/modem immediately after
a ppp connection.  If not, you can ask your ISP to check the logs.

With some of these dual 56K protocol modems, it will default to
connect with the older protocol, and has to be told to use v.90.
This happens with some K56flex/v.90 modems as well.

> Please,help me

Glad to be of service.  I'm not sure I'm helping yet, though.

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