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Re: Notice: GR to remove non-free support from Debian

On 8 Jun 2000, Chuan-kai Lin wrote:

> There is a General Resolution proposed by developer John Goerzen that
> is under discussion on both debian-devel and debian-project, maybe also
> a few others that I am not aware of.  The nature of the GR is to amend
> the Social Contract so that Debian will stop distributing non-free
> packages.  If the GR is passed, then Debian will no longer provide the
> storage, bandwidth, and bug tracking facilities for non-free packages,
> including acroread, blender, netscape, jdk, povray, trn, and xanim.

This may be a good time to transition support for the non-free packages to
an organization outside Debian. I imagine that a number of companies would
jump at the chance to host the bug tracking system for Debian non-free.
Think about this: With the distribution of tools such as Borland's Kylix,
there may soon be a flood of non-free Linux applications. Many of these
may use a shareware or demo-ware distribution strategy to maximize
exposure. Also, with Debian and Debian-derived distributions becoming more
popular, there should be Debianized versions of most commercial offerings.

Given the fact that Mozilla will be available in main, this might be the
right time for this step.

I use non-free packages such as Acroread. I also use non-free software in
non-Debian formats such as Mupad, Maple, and Staroffice. I have no
objections whatever the outcome of this proposal.

Thanks. Syrus.


Syrus C Nemat-Nasser, PhD    |  Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials
UCSD Department of Physics   |  UCSD Department of Mechanical
<syrus@ucsd.edu>             |    and Aerospace Engineering

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