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NFS & Potato -- client crashes server.

I have multiple potato machines here, and am testing them with 1 redhat
6.2 machine and 1 mandrake 7.1 machine.

When i try to mount a NFS volume from them from potato, both the mandrake
and redhat boxes crash, hard -- have to hit reset button

but the rh and mandrake boxes get along fine as far as NFS goes.

im running linux 2.2.15+ow1  both the mandrakle and redhat boxen are
running 2.2.14 i believe.

im askin cuz i havent done much work with nfs outside of
debian-to-debian(and even the it was slink machines)

any ideas? i know there are some kernel pathces out there for NFS doe
sanyone have a URL ? 


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