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Re: Netscape oddity

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:

> I'm running potato on 2.2.14 kernel. I used dselect to pull down the
> latest netscape (an upgrade from 4.07). All went very well - no pain
> at all. But I notice now that it locks KDE up tight until it has routing
> outside my lan. I have blank screen for home page so it SHOULDN'T
> be looking for routing. Once the modem connects, netscape lets go
> of it's grip on KDE and all works perfectly. Has anyone else noted
> such behavoir and if so, were you able to make it be nice?

 I know nothing about KDE, but netscape has always been rude (freezing)
during dns lookups.

 Will probably act this way 'till Mozilla get released.  I hope Mozilla
behaves in this regard...


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