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Re: Java 1.2

Mats Rynge <mats@rynge.net> writes:

> Hi!
> I wonder what I have to do in order to be able to use Java 1.2 on my
> potato box. If I understand it right, I need glibc 2.1, which means that
> I have to go to unstable. I want to stay away from the unstable if
> possible.

potato is currently frozen, and will be stable in maybe a month. So it is
probably safe to use potato (which has glibc 2.1.3).
In that case, you can choose between the blackdown, sun or ibm-versions
(on x86, only blackdown supports other hardware).

if you want to use slink, go to www.blackdown.org, and download
make sure you download from the glibc2.0 directory.

it should be just (as root)
$cd /usr/local
$tar -xzf jdk1.2prev2.tar.gz
(this creates /usr/local/jdk1.2/*)
and then add /usr/local/jdk1.2/bin to your PATH

Felix Natter

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