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Re: Fetchmail

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 08:49:54PM -0700, Jay Kelly wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> I was wondering if I moght ask you a question. I got my linux box to mail
> out but I still cant get it to receive mail. Its giving me connection failed
> for the smtp. I tried telnet localhost 25 but I get the same thing
> connection refused. And idea's

#1 tell me what mail transfer agent you're using (sendmail, exim, smail,
qmail, etc.)

#2 send me the output of the following commands:

ps wwaxl|grep <whatevermtayouuse>
grep <whatevermtayouuse> /etc/inetd.conf
ps wwaxl|grep inetd
ls -l /etc/rc2.d|grep <whatevermtayouuse>

replace the <whatevermtayouuse>'s with either sendmail, postfix, qmail,
exim, smail, whatever.

Unless you do that, all I can tell you is what the computer is telling
you... you're not running an MTA.

Good luck.


PS, I've copied the list.  Many eyes and brains are better than one.
someone else might be able to help you better than I can.

"... the most serious problems in the Internet have been caused by 
unenvisaged mechanisms triggered by low-probability events; mere human 
malice would never have taken so devious a course!" - RFC 1122 section 1.2.2

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