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Re: Fetchmail

On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 09:17:48PM -0700, Jay Kelly wrote:
> Sorry to keep bugging you. I checked and exim is running and I configured it
> just like you said. When I try to telnet in like you said I get "Unable to
> connect to remote host: Connection refused. " is that my problem?

Yes, that's the problem.  exim isn't actually running.  Try posting the
output of:

ps wwaxl|grep exim
ps wwaxl|grep inetd
grep smtp /etc/inetd.conf

we can probably help you best after that.


"... the most serious problems in the Internet have been caused by 
unenvisaged mechanisms triggered by low-probability events; mere human 
malice would never have taken so devious a course!" - RFC 1122 section 1.2.2

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