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Re: Fetchmail

means the system cannot connect to your MTA, whatever it may be,

try to 

telnet localhost 25

you must have a working MTA for fetchmail to work, sendmail, postfix, exim
are all MTA (mail transfer agents).


On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Jay Kelly wrote:

neutec >Hello Group,
neutec >I have a fetchmail question. Im running potato with kernel 2.2.15 and when i
neutec >try "fetchmail" I get an error:
neutec >
neutec >1 message for neutec at pacbell.net (1033 octets).
neutec >reading message 1 of 1 (1033 octets) fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost
neutec >failed
neutec >fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from pacbell.net
neutec >fetchmail: Query ststus=1 (SMTP)
neutec >
neutec >So where am I going wrong here???
neutec >thanks for your help
neutec >PS.. what is a easy to use program to send mail?
neutec >
neutec >
neutec >-- 
neutec >Unsubscribe?  mail -s unsubscribe debian-user-request@lists.debian.org < /dev/null
neutec >

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