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Re: potato boot floppies

Hi Mirek, list

>Problem is that diskette is unformated :)

I noticed that it worked after having formatted them. Thanks though.

>Yes, yes - you don't need any filesystem on it but formatted sectors
>necessary :(

Oh, well, that's news for me. Why is this though? AFAIK, dd writes
directly onto the disks without and not via an fs?

Anyway, I now have new problems. :-)
Aren't they nice, they give you something to spend your time with, don't
they. :-)

When booting, I get lots of errors about dependencies and when issuing
"modprobe ppp" or something, I get:

modprobe: Can't open dependencies file /lib/modules/2.0.35/modules.dep
(No such file or directory)

This is really weird as I am running potato here and not any of the
2.0.x series kernels!? In fact, 2.2.15 is what shipped with the boot
disks I sucked off a deb mirror.

Thanks for help!

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