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Sendmail Config

Ok Guy's,
I need some help with sendmail. I use sendmailconfig and for the first
question "mail Name" I choose Pacbell.net. That's what I think I need to
use? my email is neutec@pacbell.net. Then I come to start host. I want my
linux box to download mail from my ISP and store it until I log on. When I
use a program such as Outlook I use "mail.pacbell.net" for incoming mail and
"postoffice.pacbell.net" for outgoing mail. When I send a email I would like
it to say neutec@pacbell.net. Where will I put this information? Also where
do I setup my login and pass for my ISP so I can download mail. I have been
trying everything with no luck. I would really really appreciate if someone
would help me on this.

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