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Re: Sendmail Config

Try using a simpler mail transfer agent such as exim.  Sendmail is really
for big sites that need a lot of configurability.  You really don't need all
that configurability or complexity.

Other users will tell you to use qmail, postfix, or smail, I'm sure.  These
are all equally viable solutions.  Exim is just my preference for simple

as root type:
#apt-get --purge remove sendmail exim+

The exim configuration script will ask you questions, answer:
(accept the default)
(your username)

Now to configure where mail appears to be coming from is a job for your mail
user agent.  Unfortunately, I'm only familiar with how to do this in mutt.
Another user will, I'm sure be able to tell you how to do it in whatever
program you're using if you tell us what that is.

In mutt (in case that's what you're using):
add to your ~/.muttrc file:
set realname="Your Name"
my_hdr From: \"$realname\" \<your@email.address\>


On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 10:04:18PM -0700, Jay Kelly wrote:
> Ok Guy's,
> I need some help with sendmail. I use sendmailconfig and for the first
> question "mail Name" I choose Pacbell.net. That's what I think I need to
> use? my email is neutec@pacbell.net. Then I come to start host. I want my
> linux box to download mail from my ISP and store it until I log on. When I
> use a program such as Outlook I use "mail.pacbell.net" for incoming mail and
> "postoffice.pacbell.net" for outgoing mail. When I send a email I would like
> it to say neutec@pacbell.net. Where will I put this information? Also where
> do I setup my login and pass for my ISP so I can download mail. I have been
> trying everything with no luck. I would really really appreciate if someone
> would help me on this.

"... the most serious problems in the Internet have been caused by 
unenvisaged mechanisms triggered by low-probability events; mere human 
malice would never have taken so devious a course!" - RFC 1122 section 1.2.2

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