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Re[2]: Simple Text Editor with Synatx highlighting?

Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 6:57:22 AM, Keith wrote:
> This leads to a question I've been interested in.  I've noticed vim's
> Perl syntax highlighting to be, hmmm, not always what it should be.  (As
> some have said, only perl can parse Perl).  Any opinions on which editor
> has the *best* Perl syntax highlighting?

    Vim.  I've not seen a problem with its highlighting that didn't also
improve the readability of my code when I got in the habit of getting it to
colorize right.  The /only/ perl construct I know of that doesn't work is
something like this:

if ($foo =~ /bar\/blam/){

    Vim would see the \/, see a / and mess up the colorization right there.
However, this fixes it:

if ($foo =~ m/bar\/blam/){

    Adding the m works fine.  To me, explicitly stating a match is no big deal
for me.  If course, I also use parens like a zealot but bouncing on the % key
is so much fun.

foreach $file (sort(keys(%files))){


    One downside of vim that I just remembered, be careful the need for
slamming the ESC key.  Windows likes to think it means "shut this window NOW!"
and if you have the confirmation turned off you lose messages in your Windows
email client.  Normally I don't wack the ESC key unless I am doing code.  See
above.  ;)

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