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Re: Which LINUX

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Kent West wrote:  

> I chose Debian because of it's philosophy; Debian seems to be the
> "purest" when it comes to the ideal of Free Software. 

I have "vrms" on my systems, unfortunately it (He?) doesn't tell you if
there are free packages that are compatible ("competible?" competitive but
compatible :-) with the non-free ones (of course, some info on where/how
to get them).

> Stability in the
> Debian releases and the design of apt/dselect (under the hood, not the
> trimmings) were just icing on the cake. 

Some people like to see what's under the hood, some like the icing on the
cake, and some just seeing the icing... Basically, the icing counts.


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