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Re: Which LINUX

Kevin A Smith wrote:
> I know the answer to this will be obvious to those on this list,
> but I wonder what criteria people have used to decide on which
> distribution to use...where/for what?
> I have debian on a desktop at home, simply a "users" setup. I
> now want to setup a laptop (IBM Thinkpad 600) with a development
> environment as well as the usual "office like" stuff (StarOffice
> I'm presuming) to handle the legacy corporate stuff like M$
> documents and presentations.
> I could do the debian stuff again, but I wondered if there are
> other candidates that I should consider. I chose debian for the
> home box at the recommendation of a friend (who actually did most
> of the installation for me remotely :).

note the chorus all sings in harmony: 'debian... debian...'

if you want to compare various different versions, you can try
what i did: go to http://www.linuxmall.org and order their megapak,
which at the time was 11 CDs from 8 different distributions,
for about $30 total. (actually, i gave away my first set, so
i suppose you could say i got, on the average, 8 full-blown
linux/unix distributions for eight bucks apiece, roughly.
shipping included.)

of course, we fully expect you to come back to debian after 
kicking the tires on the others.


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