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Re: bigots - was Emacs - was Mail/news software

On 5 May 2000, john s jacobs anderson wrote:
> Agreed. How ever, as with several of the other posters, you've
> apparently felt the need not just to opine that (X)Emacs isn't
> newbie-friendly[1], but to make several other statements that indicate
> that you haven't actually used any emacsen for long enough to really
> be commenting on how it works.

I think emacs is not newbie-friendly, but xemacs is quite newbie-friendly
(assuming the newbies have passed the "xf86config" stage).

> The point is, emacsen are designed to be *modular*. If you don't want
> to load those things, then don't load them

I'd like to have rmail "module" to be able to use an smtp and pop server
which are not on port 25 and 110 respectively. The question is: how?
(doing a quick hack on the .el files would be too much for me).
> Just realize that this cuts both ways -- you like pico, or joe, or ae,
> or (n)vi(m) -- whatever works for you is good. 

Yes, loading xemacs for just editing /etc/networks and /etc/hosts is a bit
overkill; for the task, I choose vi (yes, sure, ???? happens, but the
files are small and esc-:-q! is quite dependable).


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