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Re: where are wmakers config files?

Ron Farrer said:
> Hmm.. WPrefs doesn't do what I need. Here's the deal: when ever I log in
> (gdm + Gnome-Session) wmaker loads gmc (I can clearly see it in
> ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMState) and I cannot get it to stop. I also would
> like to rename the workspaces and have the name "stick". I cannot choose
> save session in wmaker as when I log in I end up with two panels, two
> gmcs... 
> Any suggestions?

wmakerconf.  It's a separate package that you have to install, but I haven't
even looked at WPrefs since trying out the latest version.  (Older versions
overlapped in functionality, but had a lot of things that one tool could set
but the other couldn't.  The current wmakerconf, though, is a superset of

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