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Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+ NICs: don't try to use as PnP

Recently I've posted a variety of pathetic questions about bizarre
problems I'd had setting up a gateway box using a couple of EEPro/10+
NICs. From http://titan.cs.uni-bonn.de/~canavan/eepro/ I'd read that
isapnptools should correctly configure these NICs in PnP mode. Using
this approach, the NICs appeared (via ifconfig) to function correctly,
but in fact they did not.

I finally booted the box to DOS and set the NICs to nonPnP mode using a
utility I downloaded from Intel. This utility also specified different
io addresses and irqs than pnpdump had. Using these configurations, the
NICs now function correctly.

Anyway, if anyone else out there is trying to use these NICs, don't
screw around with isapnptools. Go to
download the disk, boot your box to DOS, and run Softset2.exe to
configure the NICs. Save yourselves the several days of wasted
exasperation that I have just suffered through.


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